Back to school – 10 top tips

Back to school – 10 top tips

Back to School - 10 Top Tips

10 Top Tips for Back to School

Back to school time is always a mixed bucket of emotions for kids and parents, it’s normal to experience varying degrees of excitement, relief, nervousness and anxiety. One thing you can bet on though is that it’s inevitable and even the best summer holiday breaks must eventually come to an end.

Whether your child is new to formal schooling in 2013, or an old-hand at it in high school, here are my top 10 tips for making the start to a new school year as smooth as possible – for everyone!

Drama-free back to school tips

1. Practice the morning-getting-ready-for-school routine in the week before school resumes – it will then become familiar to a littlie just starting and will ease older kids out of the easy holiday sleep in mode

2. Involve your kids in shopping for school supplies – not only will they see the huge cost involved (which hopefully will translate to greater respect for their school equipment) but turning up on the first day with an uncool lunch box or backpack may result in unspeakable trauma (not really, but is it worth the hassle?)

3. Label everything clearly. A no-brainer, right? Well, last year when Mr Big Boy lost his trombone (long story, but happy ending) I was mortified when he revealed he hadn’t named his instrument or the case. Lesson learnt, everything this year will be clearly named.

4. Talk school up a bit. Instead of bemoaning the end of holidays, chat about the excitement of the upcoming fresh new school year with a focus on lots of learning and great social experiences.

5. If your child is particularly shy, or possibly starting a new school, see if there is anyway you can use some time in the holidays for them to connect with another child who will also be at the school – a familiar face can be so reassuring for a nervous child. Likewise for Mum, are there any other parents you can have a coffee and chat with before the start of school?

6. Get the pantry ready with healthy and nutritious snacks which will make school lunch-boxes hassle free from day one. If you are looking for some fresh, new lunch box ideas then I’m loving the lunchbox revolution book and facebook group. Yummmmmm.

7. Start limiting electronic time (computer and tv) towards the end of the holidays – scaling back on social media and games before school starts should lead to fewer arguments early in the new school term

8. Encourage a regular sleep routine before school starts – an evening routine suited to school is best practiced in the few days before the semester resumes – for younger students consider creating printable checklists to smooth the transition

9. Discuss the practicalities of getting to and from school – this is especially important to ease the minds of anxious children – are they walking/riding and familiar with the route or are they taking public transport and have access to, and an understanding of, the timetable

10. Start the beginning school year with some achievable goals - having clear purpose and incentives will ensure a great mindset early on

Back to school … are you a lover or a hater?

Back to school – 10 Top Tips

photo credit: - Annetta - via photopin cc


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