Arthur …. or Martha?

May 14, 2013

Bits and Pieces, For Mum

It is all that I can do to resist coming and dumping a big bag of moaning here, but the past few weeks have been incredibly busy – so very much going on behind the scenes here at the Family Survival Coach ranch, albeit many of these things are progressing more slowly than I had hoped or planned for, and patience has never been my favourite virtue. Other bits and pieces have been frustrating beyond words and best dealt with by deeply sucked in breaths and not blogging.

Of course, as an added bonus, there is the bankable unpredictability that just comes with family life and therefore needs to be considered … but how on Earth do you factor in such randomness? It’s a lot like the glace cherry on the RSL ice-cream, you know it most likely will be there on top, but who the hell orders it??

My intensely imperfect solution then to these such times is two-fold:

Firstly, I’ll make a damn-straight serious attempt to weather the storm, and just go with the flow. Path of least resistance theory. Often this works and normal programming resumes quite quickly. Should that approach fail though, as it has this past week or two, the strategy turns dire. It gets ugly.

The back up plan involves a (usually private, but huge) dummy spit (nope, no Facebook tanty for me, sorry!), a bit of  bloody good sulking, some quiet time, too much junk food – probably sweet, not savoury, and a slow, slow shuffle back to reality. Almost there now ….. with a to-do list longer than any proverbial comparison I could hope to draw.

It’s this very Plan B, that’s caught me here on an IBOT day with not much fuel in the tank and alas just this is short little post to say that all here is alive, kicking and I’m in the midst of an intensely busy game of catch up!

Here’s the little bit of learning though, that I’ve taken away from the last couple of week. I’m sharing it here because maybe some of these resonate with you too …..

  1. it’s completely normal to go through stages where things just do not fall into place like I want them to – not all plans can be set in stone
  2. IT shall pass – it has before, it will this time and it shall again
  3. I have more control over my thoughts, feelings and actions than I want to sometimes admit or take responsibility for. It is what it is, just own it.
  4. a critical ear can be better for you than a warm fuzzy one and that good boot up the bum (metaphorically speaking) can just be what was needed
  5. I’ve probably got more in common with Martha than Arthur (cryptic, much?)

So …. enough of my first world problems … I’d love to know what’s been happening in your ‘hood!?


Linking up this Tuesday with Jess at IBOT! It’s esstentially awesome – so is Jess, I’ve met her – and you can find it here -  Essentially Jess!


photo credit: D.Clow – Maryland via photopin cc


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10 Responses to “Arthur …. or Martha?”

  1. Trish Says:

    This resonates with me too , things are progressing more slowly than I had hoped or planned on our tree change renovation . Last week hubby pulled everything he could and made a big difference. The light at the end of the tunnel is at least flickering now.


    • Shari Says:

      Oh it’s good to see that distant light isn’t it, Trish? It’s all about the hope :) Good luck moving forward lovely xx


  2. Me Says:

    Oh I so get what you are saying – sometimes it is only knowing that this too shall pass that gets me through the situation !!
    Have the best day possible !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !


    • Shari Says:

      Thanks so much for the great energy, Me! I know it passes, always does …. but soon would be good ;)
      Great to have you stop by again x


  3. Rhianna Says:

    Sorry to hear ti has been rough in your neck of the woods lovely, not necessarily any better here of late though all of your points resonate and apply to me as well. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely lady. Come for a tropical escape up north xx


  4. Emily @ Have a laugh on me Says:

    I gotta say Shari I’m in a little bit of the same spot right now, it’s not something I want to, or can get into in public, but it’s a pain in ass! Hang in there, as I’m trying to do, taking one step after another and trying not to lose the plot at everyone in my path! Love Arthur! (aka Em )


  5. Sis Says:

    Word! Timely post Sis, given our chatting yesterday ;) Yes it shall pass!! For you, and for me :)

    Love you xx


  6. Julie Says:

    Sorry to hear about the bad weeks. I think my strategies are similar to yours… maybe I go to the sweet food a bit quicker though! Hope it does pass quickly.


  7. EssentiallyJess Says:

    Oh Shari this post made me giggle!!!
    Hope things get easier for you soon. XXX


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