Are you involved?

April 16, 2013

Bits and Pieces, Parenting

Today is Tuesday!

And we all know that Tuesday means blogging along with Jess’s IBOT, right? Good.

But today’s Tuesday is special, it’s the second in the month and you might not know it, but that means it’s the P and C meeting. Tonight, 7.30pm sharp!

And, look, before we go any further, I must ask. The little shudder that you just did, and yes, I saw it  … was that out of (almost) uncontrollable excitement …. or was that a gag reflex, nauseated by the thought of a school committee meeting? Hmmmm. Thought so.

For the second year running, I am the Treasurer of the school’s P and C. The year prior to that I was secretary, and let me honestly tell you, that’s a job that sucked. The school is the one attended by my 2 big boys. It’s also the school I teach at part time. It is a great school.

It’s sad to say, that although there are around 900 students at our school, there were only eight in attendance at the AGM last month. A sad, lonely single digit attendance. Of those, six are actually staff members of the school.

Do no other parents care?

I know and truly understand that there are many practicalities preventing parents from joining school committees – shift work, childcare, other commitments and exciting television just naming a few hindrances.

The cynic in me also suspects that there could be a little bit of not-giving-a-shit-ism influencing this sad state of affairs too.

Of course there’s not room (nor enough single serve sachets of International Roast) for every family to be represented on a P and C committee, and I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea BUT surely a decently representative cross section of the school community being involved could only be a good thing. For the school, for families AND for student outcomes. There’s no self-serving here, it’s all about shared decision making, having some input, giving some feedback and just working together for the benefit of our kids – your kids, my kids.

On this topic, pre P and C meeting, my thoughts are best summarised by this

if you’re not prepared to come along and have a say in the forum that can make a difference, then having a whinge and a whine about how the school’s run should fall on deaf ears

Rant over.

Can someone record The Voice for me??? I won’t be home!


Have an awesome Tuesday and if you’re a blogger, remember to link up with Jess at IBOT! It’s esstentially awesome – so is Jess, I’ve met her – and you can find it here -  Essentially Jess!

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16 Responses to “Are you involved?”

  1. robyn @slightly deep Says:

    I’m not very good at being involved a lot of the time, it’s not my natural inclination, but we live in such a small town that you kinda need to be, if you want things to happen. I’m more of a do things by default kids of person, which is why I am currently running a playgroup :) No school kids here yet, but you’ve given me yet another thing to look forward to as my babies grow!


    • Shari Says:

      Hi Robyn, I so wholeheartedly agree that in a small town community involvement is the key and whoohoo you for running a playgroup! I bet you are providing a much needed connection for a number of very appreciative Mums!


  2. Min@MinsMash Says:

    Ahhh yess I feel ya! I was Secretary of the Mgt Cttee at my kids kindy for 2 years. During primary school I helped out with reading and also created the schools first website for them along with teaching the staff how to add to it and maintain it. High school years I was a committee member at my sons school for 2 years and was Secretary of the Performing Arts Support Group at my daughter’s school for two years. Now all my kids have finished school. Yippee! It is always the same parents that help out and yep – there are a lot of parents that genuinely just don’t have the time as well as many that just don’t give a shit! Min xo


  3. Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions Says:

    We are not even close to school age here either but I think when we do get to that stage I would like to be involved as I totally agree that unless you wanna be involved and help make a change then you don’t really have much business whinging about the school.

    #teamIBOT was here!


    • Shari Says:

      That’s my big thing Kylez, fair call not going if it’s not your thing, but a big bitch and whinge in the car park without stepping up and being involved – that’s what peeves me x


  4. Rhianna Says:

    I just this is my first year in six that I have not been involved with the P & C, I do feel a bit bad about it but I also know that right now I just don’t have anything else to give. I also know that for this year at least, there are a great group of parents taking care of it for me. Good on you for helping out


    • Shari Says:

      Oh gosh, Rhi – you deserve a break after that innings!! At least there are keen ones there carrying on, my fear is that if the handful of us didn’t do anything there’d be no-one … in a school of 900 kids .. really??


  5. Emily @ Have a laugh on me Says:

    Our neighbour is president of our P&C but I have yet to make it to the meeting, I INTEND to and I WILL but so far it’s just been bad timing! You are a super mumma and deserve a big pat on back because I know the hard work that goes in to it all! Em x


    • Shari Says:

      It is all about the timing, Em and to be sure I think that having the intention to go is already a huge step towards being involved. We can’t do everything, but surely sharing the input around must be a good thing?


  6. Salz Says:

    Yeah I don’t do P&C at our kids school. I think its a bit of the not-giving-a-shit-ism and also not really having time nor energy to go. I say early in the year that I should go. But then i know i will feel left out too cause its always the same group of parents who run it and if the new comer comes in what are they gona think. and if they appoint me with one of those roles i will wreck it.


  7. Shari Says:

    Oh Salz – I love your honesty and frankness. I wish at our school it was the same group of parents who always ran it, cause that would give some of the staff a break!! LOL at wrecking it … I was a major screwup as secretary – I think they were relieved that I kept away from that one the following year! Ooooops x


  8. Annaleis from Teapots and Tractors Says:

    Shari I don’t think you want me to tell you that in our little school of 26 kids we had a representative of every family (some 2) at our P&C meeting today. So 15 parents in attendance. I’m also the treasurer and I think our parents are involved because we actually do make a difference and can see where our money is spent. We are about to do our second catering job and it is organised within an hour – all food donated so total profit to the P&C. Wouldn’t change being involved for the world.


    • Shari Says:

      Wow Annaleis, that makes my heart sing for your little school!! Our big school could certainly learn from the example. What a thriving school community you have going on, love it! xx


  9. Sis Says:

    Well, being that my little miss has started pre-school this year, it’s my first year of this happening. So yes, I’ve been to the 2 meetings so far this year. And yes, I’m on the committee. I didn’t really want to be, but I planned to go along to the meetings and support how I could. Ended up on the fund raising committee lol.

    I too have the position that if you’re not going to be involved or help, don’t for a second have a whinge about anything!!

    And yes, with anything, it’s ALWAYS the same people/parents that help!!


  10. EssentiallyJess Says:

    Well said Shari!! I hate it when parents complain, but then they don’t use the proper channels to give construcive criticism, or volunteer to make a difference.
    I’m not involved in our school council, but that’s because I literally don’t have a spare moment to do it. I admire those that are.


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