Welcome to Family Survival Coach. To get started, here’s a a small snippet about here, its offerings and a little bit about me too…. well, the short version of the story anyway ;)

Ultimately, I dream of Family Survival Coach being a go-to place for all of the support and assistance you need to navigate your way through the jungle that is modern family life. There’s no text-book jargon here, just sound guidance and advice from someone who’s been there, done that, and keeps it real!

About Family Survival Coach

Family Survival Coach was initially born from wanting to explore the thing called ‘blogging’ as a means of sharing ideas, information and resources about a topic I love – Family Life. You know, the day-to-day of it all. Most importantly, I’m wanting to share ways to make family life not only ‘survivable’ but ‘enjoyable’ too. The more blogs I’ve subscribed to, read and enjoy …. PLUS the more resources I’ve been discovering and devouring about blogging really has confirmed for me that the blogosphere was somewhere I was really keen to pitch my tent …. and ta-daaaaa, the story starts here.

Because life can throw curve balls with great aim, it makes sense to seek some support when the going gets tough and the resources you’ll find here are designed to help you create the family life that you want. There is no right, or no wrong.

It’s not always possible to get support face-to-face (sometimes we are limited by geography, time, childcare et) and so I’m making a flexible range of options available to assist you and your family.

e-Tutorials are short, quick and simple ways to learn about a single topic without struggling through jargon and unnecessary fluff. You’ll get the information you need to know, tips on applying it and all in just an hour or so of your time. For topics that are a little more in-depth and complex, tutorials will be structured so that you can get full information in bite-sized pieces.

Straight to the point, e-Tutorials, can be accessed at your own learning pace through the Family Survival Coach website. Just buy access to the topics you need, when you need.

e-Courses – are longer, more in-depth online support programs sent directly to you by email with many extra support mechanisms built in to assist as you learn and develop strategies.

Family Life Coaching – intensive support is available to a limited number of clients and a coaching program will be tailored specifically to meet your identified needs.

It’s my goal for Family Survival Coach to grow into a site where you’ll come to enjoy reading and interacting as much as I enjoy writing, providing support as well as learning a whole lot of techhie stuff while I’m at it. So, welcome, look around, comment, suggest and enjoy! I do hope to get to know you soon.

About Shari

I’m really just a normal, everyday, part-time-working Mum with with a big love for coaching to help others, writing and for fiddling with technology.

I don’t pretend to have the perfect family, or all of the answers, and I’m not proclaiming myself to be an expert.  I’m upfront in acknowledging that I’ve been married and  also divorced, but that the mistakes I’ve made have provided wonderful life lessons. I have 3 super children (1 toddler, 2 teens), a wonderful partner, a kitten and a siamese fighting fish. Who would or could really ask for more?

For over 20 years now in my pay-day job I’ve been working with young people/adolescents. I began as a teacher of high school English and Mathematics and progressively, I’ve fed my passion for helping kids: to develop socially, learn more about themselves and also about how to live their best life. Officially, they called my role at work a Behaviour Support Consultant, but sometimes I forgot to wear my badge :) As well as this experience with young people, their families and schools, I’m someone who friends and acquaintances (and yes even sometimes strangers on the train) often turn to for advice on issues such as family, career and lifestyle. I’m sure they don’t think I’m an expert by any means but they do tell me I’m sensible with level headed ideas and I think that’s a nice acknowledgement.

I am a registered, practicing teacher (currently working in the Special Education field), trained mediator and certified life coach but it is the ups-and-downs of life experience that has given me the biggest education. All of the above labels, when mixed with my love of words and writing (see, you’ll never take the English teacher out of this girl, but forgive any typos ;)) as well as a long time addiction to the internet thingamejig makes me a born-to-be-blogging-life-coach, and wooohoooo here we meet!

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Family Survival Coach

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