A plate full of yummy – a very easy and tasty recipe!

March 21, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Choc-full of bacon and cheese goodness!

Those who know me well would be able to confirm that (1) I love bacon – in an insane kind of way (think along the lines of buffet breakfast = bacon coma); (2) I love cheese almost as much as I adore bacon and will go weak at the knees at even the hint of a bacon/cheese combo, and (3) I truly and sadly have no skill for cooking.

This last admission may surprise some of you, and, although I secretly do aspire to be even a competent cook, I feel a victim of bad-kitchen circumstance and am limited to foodie adventures that meet the following criteria: easy, easy, quick and limited bench space required. In turn, this little self-indulgent whinge over, I am delighted to introduce you to these little cheesy bacon beauties and YES they tick all the boxes – easy (yep!), easy (check!), quick (yes ma’am!) guess what? Even in my caravan sized kitchen, with negative bench space, I triumphed!

These are called Cheese and Bacon Rounds and I do wish that I could take credit for their invention. I’ll fess up and let you know that a cooking mag was the recipe source (That’s Life Reader Recipes Book 6) and if that contributor ever reads this to realise how happy she has made me, please may she make contact to claim her prize!!


Bacon – 200g diced

Grated cheese – 2 cups

Spring onions/eschallots – to taste (handful of finely chopped)

Self raising flour – 1 cup

Milk – 1/2 cup

Grain mustard – 2 tablespoons

Egg – 1 lightly beaten



Mix bacon, cheese and spring onions together in a bowl with the SR flour being sure that the flour thoroughly coats all ingredients.

In another bowl mix wet ingredients – lightly beaten egg, milk and mustard.

Combine wet and dry mixtures, mixing thoroughly.

On a tray lined with baking paper place tablespoon sized blobs of the mixture (leave some space for spreading) and bake till golden brown in 180C oven (roughly 15-20 mins)

You’ll love them and the kids’ lunchboxes will rejoice – win/win! Enjoy!


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