5 reasons why Mums should NEVER catch colds …

July 12, 2013

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I’ve got a cold.

And it’s making me feel all yucky and miserable.

Although I’m certainly less croaky than I was yesterday, I did spend a good deal of time in my therapeutically steaming hot shower tonight considering why it is so unfair for Mums to succumb to head colds. Indeed, I could rattle off a number of reasons, all very valid I think you’ll agree ….

1. it’s very unfair for Mum to catch a cold … because that will of course significantly increase the likelihood of Dad catching the virus and then, oh boy, yep, we know what will become of it all …… groan with me MAN FLU. And there is not a lot worse than a dose of man flu in the house is there?

2. it’s so awkward for Mum to suffer from a cold, because really, which flat-strapped Mum actually has the time to THINK. PAUSE. STOP. CROSS LEGS a billion times daily when coughing or sneezing?

3. who cares for Mum when Mum needs some looking after? I think there’s an echo …… That’s right, just because a head cold has taken the edge off Mum’s appetite won’t prevent the rest of the tribe from being famished and demanding dinner NOW

4. it creates the scenario that Mum might actually be the one leaving tissues in pockets to go through the wash and so then logically if Mum didn’t have a cold, there could be no shadow of guilt cast and the blame could then easily thrown onto someone else …

5. the potential ramifications caused by a blocked nosing delaying the discovery of  ’issues’ that only Mum can sniff out (think dirty nappy, dog poo on shoe etc etc) do not bear thinking about. Shudder.

And those are all on top of the basic and simple fact that colds suck.

Moan over.


What do you hate most about having a cold?

Hooray and three loud cheers for Friday.  It’s the day of the week to have a flogging good time with Grace over at hers. I’ll see you there!



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7 Responses to “5 reasons why Mums should NEVER catch colds …”

  1. Rhianna Says:

    OH you poor love, and the first week back at school as well. These are great reasons as to why we should be excluded from the effects of a cold. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you and feel better soon xx


  2. Lisa@Circle of Toast Says:

    Aww, I hope you’re feeling better. Colds suck, and I think the worst thing is that when all you want to do is to just lie down and quietly die somewhere, the rest of the family continue with their usual demands, completely oblivious to your suffering!


  3. Wendy Parks Says:

    Oh, so true!
    I dislike feeling unwell, but mostly I dislike being able to do all the things that I love doing in my day – going out for a walk, having a milkshake date with my 2 year old daughter, dancing in the kitchen until I collapse from laughter


  4. Me Says:

    Well now that A is working away from home I don’t like to be sick at all – when he is here, I can do man-flu as well as any man – and I do – and he looks after me. Now if I am sick I have to look after myself which totally sucks but the upside is I don’t have to look after anyone else because K can look after herself !!!
    Hope you feel better soon – take care !


  5. Jody at Six Little Hearts Says:

    Yep, Mums should not get sick.
    This week I have a sinus infection after a horrible cold. My husband is off work for the school holidays. He is wondering why I am mad when he is relaxing while sick me is working!
    “Just sit down and relax” he says. Makes no effort to get up and take over mind you!
    Nice to touch base! Found you via With Some Grace. :D


  6. Emily @ Have a laugh on me Says:

    BLOODY TISSUES IN THE WASHING – soo happens after a cold! Such great points – you totally nailed it – thanks for the smile x


  7. Grace Says:

    I’m just recovering from a cold myself and damn those tissues in the washing!!!
    We’re going through a stage where one of the twinlets comes to my side of our bed and sleeps with me…that was damn tough when I was sniffling and my glands were up. No sleep. AT. ALL.


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