Archive | April, 2013

Wet weather and frizz-prone hair don’t play nicely!

April 13, 2013


It’s been raining here a lot lately, and when you have crazy frizz-prone hair like I do, dry laundry is the least of your problems when it’s belting down. With this sodden weather, my hair assumes it has permission to go absolutely psycho, but no such permission has ever been granted.  Not good, Jan. In […]

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Live blogging

April 12, 2013


Good morning to you, on this, the final day of the Queensland school holidays. Said with a mop of the brow and an extended exhale. If you are in another state, yet to break for the end of Term, I’m wishing you 2 weeks of all the very best! To mark the date, I find […]

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Peppa Pig sucked aka when anticipation and reality collide.

April 10, 2013


Peppa Pig was coming to town! Yahhhoooooo. Much excitement. Much anticipation. Frenzied delight. Until ……. Peppa Pig sucked. On the upside though, Peppa did prove to be quite agile when dancing and miming to a lame pre-recorded backing tape. And Peppa’s assistant was beaming with oooooodles of (misplaced) self-confidence. Plus Peppa was very polite (yep, […]

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A letter to the Housework Fairy

April 9, 2013


Dear Housework Fairy I’m sorry. No really, I’m very sorry. For whatever it is that has pissed you off and made you cranky at me. I’m sorry that I’m raising a 15 year old who can’t sniff the difference between clean and dirty and who thinks that floors and drawers are interchangeable. Well, they do rhyme, I […]

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I must confess … these 5 things will ALWAYS make me cry!

April 7, 2013


Hi, my name is Shari and if you drop your hat, I’m likely to cry. Come on, you know the idiom. Nah, not entirely and I swear on my Kleenex that there was in fact a time, many moons ago, when I was renowned for being a bit of a hard nut. Back in those […]

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Aussie Mums and about keeping it real

April 5, 2013


There are certainly days when I fantasise about having a family life that’s as crisp and fresh as a washing powder commercial … or maybe as cheerful and sunny as a margarine advertisement. Sigh, it’d be brilliant, wouldn’t it …. but really??  … Really? The chances are even less than slim ol’ Buckley’s, as the reality of […]

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