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Wordless Wednesday – and it’s back to school traffic

January 30, 2013


A Wordless Wednesday when words are really not needed – although some are possibly thought ;)   Linking up with and loving Wordless Wednesdays again with Trish over at her lovely blog

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Where the wild weather is

January 29, 2013


Where the wild weather is Wild weather hits again In light of the wild weather devastation that ex-tropical Cyclone Oswald has left the Eastern Coast of Australia reeling from these past couple of days, I shall retire the witty and amusing post I had planned until some future date. Face it, witty and amusing is not all […]

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Mental as Anything played at my party!

January 27, 2013


Mental as Anything played at my party!  It’s my Mental (as Anything) 40th! A few years (cough) ago, I turned 40. I had a little problem with turning 40 and it had absolutley nothing to do with vanity – mind you the grey hairs had arrived well before the big four-oh. The problem was that […]

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Back to school – new year, new focus

January 25, 2013


 Back to school – new year, new focus  The back to school pep talk For many Australian families next week heralds “Back to School!” – listen carefully and you’ll possibly hear some very loud sighs of relief from holiday-frazzled parents amongst the humming buzz of social excitement as kids are longing to catch up with […]

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Wordless Wednesday – The Biggest loving The Littleist

January 23, 2013


Wordless Wednesday – Sibling Love I adore how the Big Boy is so in love with Baby Girl, even though in 2015 his first year of Uni will coincide with the year she starts school. She’s not really into it  ….. but this photo warms my heart! Linking up with and loving Wordless Wednesdays again […]

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Mummy Guilt – it’s about forgiveness

January 22, 2013


Mummy Guilt – it’s about forgiveness  Mummy Guilt? Learn to forgive yourself It’s a funny journey … this motherhood gig Motherhood is such a funny journey and I’m not always talking funny of the ha!ha! kind either. Mummy Guilt is often there, lurking in the shadows of a she-parent’s mind, waiting to pounce and it’s […]

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