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Bargain books for Santa’s sack

December 9, 2012


Give the gift of a book

Bargain Books for Santa’s Sack   A bargain book = perfect gift! Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post – I’m just a happy customer sharing the shopping love :) I’m a big lover of reading. I read daily and make sure that the kids do too as it’s so very important. Books, books, more books, never enough […]

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Dear Santa ….

December 7, 2012


Dear Santa ….   Hey Santa, please hear our pleas … It’s been a very long time between Santa visits in this household. Baby Girl turns 3 the first week of January and so for the 2 Christmases past, we’ve figured that firstly she’d not know who Santa is or what he means, and secondly, […]

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December 5, 2012


The other night 2 of the kids decorated the tree. By themselves. I did not interfere. I came, I inspected. I walked away. There is always next year.     Linking up for another Wordless Wednesday with Trish over at her lovely blog and with Bree’s Wordless Wednesday linky-get-together on her super blog

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Surviving family squabbles

December 4, 2012


Right from the outset, keeping it real and all that jazz, my family is far from perfect when it comes to squabbles and bingles. My two lads who got along famously for the first 11 years (and had lulled me into false security, mind you!) now have me role-playing referee far more often than I’d […]

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Sunday’s Suitcase – 02.12.12

December 2, 2012


Hope that you managed to do some pinching and punching for the 1st day of December yesterday. Welcome back summer (you hot, hot thing, you!!) and now the countdown to Christmas is truly on. Rounding up the week for the Sunday suitcase today, 02.12.12 here’s my take on the week on Friday this past week, […]

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