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When you’re done …

October 23, 2012


Cycling is not really my sport. Yawn. But even from within the bubble of my own little non-pedal world I see that it has been very much in the spotlight, and in not such a good fashion. Naughty, naughty boy Mr Armstrong! I’ll come clean (pardon the pun) and say upfront that Lance Armstrong is […]

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Once you’ve had Mac, you’ll never look back!

October 21, 2012


When I was stuck in the land of Windows, I had friends who had already converted to Mac and were smitten. I just did not get it. I wanted to understand the iJoy but it seemed like they had jumped the fence and hopped into a strange new world and   I was destined to […]

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It’s War and Peace, Toddler Style!

October 20, 2012

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Baby Girl and I are visiting very dear friends for the weekend and it’s always such a lovely time when we get to see them. The two girls are only 9 months apart in age and get dreadfully and almost unbearably excited about an upcoming catch up. The anticipation of a visit consumes each of […]

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How the blended family can work … as decided by a 2, almost 3, year old

October 19, 2012


Baby Girl certainly adores her big brothers, and they send the lovin’ right back to her tenfold. I’m so proud of how my big boys have fallen madly in fun with their little sister and how that now she’s interactive, engaging and entertaining to boot, they certainly have a fabulous time with her. She’s a […]

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Wordless Wednesday … a bit more nostalgia

October 17, 2012


Again this week, I’m linking up an oldie. Again this week, the photo clean up continues. Repeat to oneself “I must get a better system for sorting and organising photos!!” until the message sinks in. This time it’s me, so I’m told … as I have no memory of ever being that size. Linking up […]

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Those were the days, my friend

October 16, 2012


I do sort of wish that I could teleport my kids back to the world of my youth and its ways ….. just for a fleeting visit …… for them to be able to see life exactly as it was when I was their age. Maybe it would give them an understanding of not only […]

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