Archive | August, 2012

Tips for packing when you’re off on a short break

August 31, 2012


Hey, I’m not meaning to rub it in or anything ;) but did you know that I’m off on a short break this weekend? With the girls? And no kids? And that it means 3 nights of fun AND uninterrupted sleep? Ahh-ha, yess’m. I am leaving on this¬†adventure tomorrow. One last sleep to go. I’ve […]

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3 Simple web tools for awesome pic editing

August 30, 2012


These days most of the pics I snap tend to be taken on the iPhone camera – too easy as it’s always handy and ready to go. Although there are many awesome phone apps for photo editing, they can be a little bit fiddly and sometimes I just want to have a bit of a […]

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I think that I am addicted …. and a little bit in love!

August 29, 2012


Few words are needed. It’s true, undying, forever love. Sigh. (ps. there’s no sugar, it’s all good :)) Joining in today for the first time with Trish at My Little Drummer Boys and her Wordless Wednesday linkup. Go take a peek at some other great photo posts.

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Finding something out of nothing to wear

August 28, 2012


all messed up...

{source¬†emanuela franchini via Compfight} It’s a good morning!!! Hmmmmm … or is it? You are already running late and the day has barely launched. Typical though, hey? The kids are up and dressed for school with brushed hair and clean teeth. Their lunches are made and a row of packed lunchboxes is lined up along […]

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Waging the war against a fussy eater with these

August 26, 2012


My determination to wean Baby Girl from her Raisin Toast addiction (correct that would be breakfast and dinner, yes) has led me this morning to the kitchen. I know she needs some variety in her diet, I recognise that she is a fusspot foodie and I acknowledge her stubbornness BUT I am committed to winning […]

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A self challenge or two and going with the flow

August 25, 2012


How to Crochet a Blanket

Do you set yourself goals and challenges? Things that you’d like to learn and accomplish? Often, I see/read/hear about topics that I’d like to invest some time in but wonder how on Earth to stop the clock to fit things in. So much to be busy with and such little free time, and I know […]

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