Archive | July, 2012

Why mums have superpowers and a challenge to us all

July 31, 2012


I was chatting with a friend this morning, and I’m sure you know where this is going. (Especially if you are a mum, ’cause you’d have your ESP superpower switched on, right?) This topic can become a bit of a recurring theme when busy women, who may be a bit tired, get together and end […]

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The 5 minute, 6 product get-your-face-on beauty routine

July 30, 2012


We all know that mornings can be hard work. Really, really hard work. And some mornings are even worse than that! With 3 kids to get ready, a cat to feed and a mountain of household-related duties to perform in a disproportionately small amount of time, I do find that getting myself from bed to […]

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Photo Transfer App – the best $3 I’ve spent in ages!

July 29, 2012


You’ll possibly remember that I have a little techno-romance thing happening with my iProducts, right? And I do know that heaps of you love your iPhones and iPads just as much as I {heart} mine. I’m finding myself using the camera on my 4s more than ever and notice that I’ve been reaching for my […]

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And she wore ….. that?! WTH!??

July 28, 2012


I always love a peek into other people’s lives and the little looksie that some bloggers give us readers into their wardrobes is pure gold. Check out Mrs Woogs’ all time favourite go-to outfit, it’s an abslute pearler! ;) Seriously though peeps, there are some truly awesome fashion bloggers who show how outfits can be […]

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My battle with the powdered white stuff

July 27, 2012


Look, I’m pretty upfront and I’m putting it out there. I’m an addict. I am a hopeless sugar addict. I’ve been hooked, come clean, loved being free of the stuff, succumbed in a moment of weakness stupidity, become re-addicted and the cycle has continued. Round, round and around it has gone. BUT ….  now, I’m […]

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Simple Scarf Storage Solution

July 26, 2012


This winter I’ve embraced scarves as my new very favourite easy-to wear fashion accessory. In fact, I’ve become a little smitten and have taken to wearing a scarf most days lately. I just love that a rectangular piece of fabric can be an instant pick-me-up for any outfit  with a great spin-off – my neck […]

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