10 reasons why I am in LOVE with my new iPad!

March 28, 2012

Bits and Pieces, For Mum


I know that a mother’s greatest joy is her children, but how mighty fine is it when your little pride and joy (a) has enough pocket money in the bank to buy you the new iPad and (b) is only 2 years old and so therefore has no understanding of the fact that not only have you fleeced the account, but you have also decided to waive any interest owing on the debt! Little sweetpea, Mummy loves you AND her new iPad very, very much!

I knew that my 1st generation iPad was going to be a hard gadget to beat but then when the iPad2 was released I admit to more than a little case of camera-envy – a feature missing on the iPad1.

Sigh. With no money (or sensible need) for an upgrade I promised myself I would wait for the third generation and then that would be an appropriate time for a gadget boost …. Patience is not my greatest virtue.

Well …. It’s here, it’s here, it’s here (please visualize VERY excited jumping up and down at this point …. oh, unless this image disturbs you, if so, feel free to scrub it) and, as you can see by the lovely pic above of me clutching it tightly to my bosom, I am seriously and swoon-fully in lurrrve with my new iPad and here are 10 reasons why …

  1. This baby is white! The crisp, new-looking, stylish white that all iGadgets should be – it looks slick and funky, not too grown up, but not like all the other tablets either.
  2. The camera is remarkably good – I believe it is using the same component as the iPhone 4s. When you are taking pics on the run, this gives a better than average image AND it is super easy and quick to use!
  3. The magnetic case (aside from the fact that it is pink and therefore a male household member repellant ;)) is a really nifty way of easy shutdown which in turn = battery saving
  4. Portability. Portability. Portability. This can, and does, go everywhere I do. Internet banking on the run? I’m onto it. Facebook update? Consider it done. What more could a gadget girl dream of?
  5. The warm and fuzzy feeling I got when donating my iPad 1 to the MOTH (Man of the House) who now, thanks to my generous spirit, is no longer feeling gadget-deprived.
  6. Aps. There are so many free and/or inexpensive aps that are fun or educational or informational or  just plain useful. I love lots of my aps and, now, with 32g worth of room there can be plenty more landing soon.
  7. eBooks –  as an avid reader I’m saving room on the bookcase, I can take hundreds of books wherever my  iPad and I wander AND I’ve kind of become addicted to winding down each night with a spot of reading on the iPad before bed. Loving it!
  8. It’s just so, so easy to use – there is nothing complicated or fiddly and the iPad, just like the range of iThings, is truly intuitive and seamless with my computer and phone.
  9. Call me shallow – but there is something about Apple marketing and packaging that makes you feel like a rich person when you open that box. I used to pooh-bah it myself …… until I fell and I really did fall deeply!
  10. The iPad more than satisfies my burning need to out-gadget my kids. I’ve a 12 year old and an almost 15 year old. (Oh yes, and the 2 year old who paid for it ;)) Enough said don’t you think?

What gadget is on your list of essential items??


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